Bonuses Edit

  • War Priests and Warchiefs. The Aztec start the game with both a War Priest, who’s a good fighter and provides a greater bonus when dancing, and a Warchief, who possesses an aura that improves XP gathering on battle.
  • Floral Wars. The Aztec also have the feature that whenever one of their units die, it’ll give you a small amount of coin.
  • Military Prowess. Many of their big button techs provide military units, so they can create a large army in a short period of time.

Weaknesses Edit

  • All Infantry. The Aztec have nothing but infantry units, making them easier to counter.

Unique units and buildings Edit

Like all natives, they have a lot of unique units.

  • War Priest: A religious unit exceptionally good at dancing at the firepit.
  • Macehualtin: Light infantry unit with a bonus against Heavy infantry.
  • Coyote Runner: Replacement for Cavalry. Behaves like a Heavy cavalry unit.
  • Puma Spearman: Heavy infantry unit. Good against Cavalry and Buildings.
  • Eagle Runner Knight: Behaves like a Light cavalry unit . Good against Cavalry and Siege.
  • Jaguar Prowl Knight: Heavy infantry unit that can go stealth.
  • Arrow Knight: Long range siege unit. Good against Buildings.
  • Skull Knight: A very powerful melee infantry unit. Can only be sent from the Homecity or big button technologies.
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