Civ OverviewEdit

Bulgarians do not feel like a traditional balkan civ at first glance. Bulgarians have a unique gameplay that differs from any other aoe3 civ. Bulgarians lack the ability to train a traditional military unit, until the industrial age. The villagers however, behave like military units, and even move in armies with other military units and follow similar tactics. When military units are available, they are quite strong. Bulgarians instead of rostering a variety of cavalry, and infantry units, focus on training one unit in large numbers, supports with research techs, and specialized units that boost those around them called vovoids. While vovoids are a common unit for balkan civs, the bulgarians are the only civ to have a cavalry variety, and the only civ that can train vovoids rather than sending them from the homecity. Otherwise they are a regular balkan civ. Most Bulgarian cards can be sent infinitly which makes gathering experience a good investment. The bulgarians are the only civ that can build rose crops with a card, which is the only crop that creates gold instead of food. Villagers can be trained at all military buildings.

Bonuses Edit

  • Peasantry. The Bulgarians can train Peasants from most buildings, not just the Town Center.
  • Strong Peasants. The Bulgarian Peasants are fiercer than usual and attack with their pitchforks, being unusually dangerous against cavalry.
  • Free Shipments. The Bulgarians have extra shipments that don't use up your available shipment slot, being able to send many instead of a single one.
  • Strong Military. Both their infantry and cavalry are really strong and cost effective, being made even stronger by Voivods that can be trained with their units.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Late Army. Until Industrial Age, Bulgarians won't be able to train any military unit!

Unique units and buildings Edit

The Bulgarians have several unique units, but most are not military.

  • Strong Peasant: the Bulgarian variant of Peasant, they always attack with their pitchfork and have a bonus against cavalry. They're their only defense until Industrial Age.
  • Spasitel: A powerful, all-around ranged cavalry unit. It's their only cavalry unit.
  • Opalchenets Pobornik: A powerful, all-around heavy infantry unit. It's their only infantry unit.
  • Voivod: This unit comes in two forms: Infantry and Cavalry Voivod. It improves the respective unit type in combat.

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit

With units that have a bonus against villagers in larger numbers such as hand cavalry, or long range units, strong peasants cannot defend themsleves from overwhelming odds. They can however, counter armies they can outnumber and reach. This will put bulgaria on the defensive unitl the industrial age and will allow the enemy to grow. When they do get to the industrial age, armies of cavalry, average infantry, and even artillery do not stand a chance against potorniks, and spatsils supported with vovoids. Stockpiled rose crops can allow a boosted amount of gold to support artillery. Homecity shipments can reinforce economy in the early ages, and reinforce armies in the later ages since the cards for peastants, and military tend to be infinite. Bulgarians carry the usual economic disadvantages of balkan civs.

Age-up PoliticiansEdit

Casern Stable Hunter's Lodge Market Artillery Foundry






Grandmother Tonka

3 Deers.

Georgi Sava Rakovski

Crates of 500 Food.

Sophronius of Vratsa

Cords of 400 Wood.

Exarch Anthim I

500 Experience.

Todor Burmov

Chests of 400 Coin.







Vasil Levski

5 Peasants.

Georgi Benkovski

1 Covered Wagon.

Zahari Stoyanov

700 Faith.

Exarch Joseph I

Ages up faster.

Nikola Obretenov

2 Silver Mines.







Hristo Botev

8 Opalchenets Poborniks.

Alexander of Battenberg

8 Spasitel.

Ivan Vazov

1 Infantry Voivod, 1 Cavalry Voivod and 4 Peasants.

Vasil Radoslavov

5 Spies and 5 Priests.

Stefan Stambolov

2 Schneider Guns.







Radko Dimitriev

15 Opalchenets Poborniks.

Vladimir Vazov

10 Spasitel.

Stiliyan Kovachev

Crates of 2,000 Food.

King Ferdinand I

2000 Coin.

Nikola Zhekov

5 Schwarzloses.

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File:Age of Empires III Wars of Liberty - Búlgaros
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