Christian religion dominant on most of the world.

Allows the construction of one extra Abbey.


Name Cost Description
RELIGIONcatholic01 Counter-Reformation 600 Resource gold, 1000 Resource fame Priests condemn from +5 range.
RELIGIONcatholic02 Spread Missions 300 Resource gold, 300 Resource fame Trading Posts cost -100 Wood.
RELIGIONcatholic03 Stained Glass 500 Resource wood, 300 Resource fame Abbeys, Basilicas and Town Centers get stained windows, giving them +1000 extra hitpoints.
RELIGIONcatholic04 Holy Communion 600 Resource gold Priests no longer cost Faith.
RELIGIONcatholic05 Indulgence 600 Resource gold, 1200 Resource fame Abbeys and Basilicas now produce a trickle of Coin.
RELIGIONcatholic06 Papal Letter 1000 Resource gold, 1000 Resource fame The Pope has sanctified many priests! Each Abbey and Basilica spawns 3 Priests.