Overview Edit

Bonuses Edit

  • Two by Two. The Chilean train most things by pairs, be them infantry, cavalry or even villagers, while the cost reduction in this is negligible, it means you’ll get armies ready in a lesser time than other civs.
  • Connectivity. The Chileans are able to bring Rotos from everywhere, meaning they can be delivered at Trading posts, for an even faster villager production.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Slow build up. As said, the cost reduction for training your

units in pairs is almost null, so you may have troubles getting your units in a hurry.

  • Weak Villagers. The Rotos, while technically two villagers together, have way less hit points than the sum of their parts, making them excellent targets for raiding, given that they are significantly costly.

Unique units and buildings Edit

The Chilean are one of the best civilizations at countering cavalry, while also having a building to take care of their crate system.

  • Roto: Unique villager. Two villagers working together.
  • Batallon Civico: Heavy Infantry unit. Has the Chupilca del Diablo mode, which greatly increases speed and melee damage at the cost of hitpoints.
  • Frontier Cavalry: Ranged cavalry with a bonus against Cavalry, Artillery and Natives.
  • Salitrera: Ultimate building. Delivers crates for free.
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