Why would a aoe3 player now want to use spies and similar units in wolEdit

Spies were formally trained at the church and were good against natives, heroes, and mercanaries. In Wol spies and similar units can be game changers in many situations. Spy units are now trained at thier own special building

Buildings that spy units are trained at:Edit

Safehouse Wagon (Egyptians)Edit

Safehouse (all other civs that train spies)Edit

Town Hall (Coronels for Latin Americans)Edit

Hootkah Lounge (Hashishins for Middle Easterners)Edit

Spies have many new special abilitiesEdit

Spies now have a handgun giving them a ranged attack through research, and coronels start with a hand gun. The stealth of spy units with such a ability is improved and therefore can stay in stealth mode as long as no hero unit (explorer, shepard dog) is nearby. What gives spies, coronels, and hashishins a edge over thier enemies is thier special abilities that have a cool down. All civs have access to at least one variety of a spy unit.

Spy typesEdit