Civ OverviewEdit

The greeks have a more typical way of gathering gold. Gold is gathered at the olive plantation. Olive oil techs at the plantation improve gathering even more. Greeks have their unique ship called pyrokinitolos or fire ship, which is resistant to fire attacks, can damage other ships severly with a fire attack and trains sailors. Greeks have good navy, artillery, infantry, but do not have any real edge in cavalry. They are the only balkan civ who can age up at the dock. Certain greek card's (outlined in blue) effects are boosted after a certian politician is used to age up.

Bonuses Edit

  • Extra age up politicians in docks. The Greeks are the only Balkan civilization that can use the Dock to age up.
  • Access to "supercards." The Greeks have cards associated to politicians; you can either send these cards as regular cards or age-up with a politician and send his/her respective card afterwards, to get double the effectiveness.
  • Ancient Ruins. When Greek buildings are destroyed, ancient Greek ruins spawn in their place. These ruins will trickle experience until they are destroyed.
  • Automatic ship production. Instead of training Fishing Ships, each Dock will, slowly, spawn Fishing Ships for free. They can also build Fish Traps, so their access to sea resources is unlimited.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Weak cavalry. Greece is a rather mountainous country, with no big fields. As a result, this civilization has no unique cavalry units, while its Stable units are also weaker compared to the other Balkan nations.
  • Slow Start. The Greek army took its time to get organized, something that gets reflected in-game. They get access to a skirmisher-like unit first, and to a musketeer-like unit later, leading to a relatively slower start and making it more difficult for them to rush.
  • Cluttered base. Due to the fact that their buildings aren't really “destroyed”, the Greek base may get really cluttered with ruins after a serious attack.

Unique units and buildings Edit

The Greeks have no cavalry unique units, but a unique warship and two unique buildings make up for this.

  • Klepht: Greek brigand fighting for independence; comes earlier than most skirmishers and has a slightly stronger attack. Can be upgraded a lot.
  • Chorofylax: The Cretan Gendarmerie. Acts as heavy infantry, fighting with knives in hand combat; they have an area damage attack that makes them particularly good against cavalry.
  • Sailor: Available only through naval shipments, or from a Fireboat, they are good against naval structures and units.
  • Fireboat: Greek warship that replaces both the Caravel and the Galleon, can sustain lots of punishment and deal a fair amount of damage, as well as being able to train units; they do, however, have a rather short range.
  • Fish Trap: Built by Fishing Ships, works like a Hunting Lodge at sea.
  • Olive Plantation: A plantation of olive trees, which can hold up to 20 gatherers; can be upgraded with extra techs, that make it the fastest coin-producing building in the game.
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Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit

Greeks may have a harder time getting early gold gathering buildings that the other balkan civs can get with the beehive. However, the olive plantation gives more gold, and the wood spent is more cost effective in the late game. Olive plantations are valueble buildings that should be protected. Greek infantry is strong with access to the early skirmisher the klepht, and the late game advantage of the chorofylax which has stronger stats than other gunpowder heavy infantry. With a card, klephts can be stealthy and can therefore give the greeks the ability to ambush light cavalry, archer, and heavy infantry armies. Greeks have a card that improves the stats of the scheinder gun and also has all balkan artillery units. Greeks do not have any cards that improve cavalry, and greeks do not have any unique cavalry units so thier cavalry will suffer as a result to other civs. Sailors trainability from the counter ship, the fire ship will also greeks to fight off enemy navies with eaze and will allow greeks to push. As with other balkan civs thier food production from crops is somewhat inferior to mills and similar buildings.

Age-up PoliticiansEdit

Casern Stable Hunter's Lodge Market Artillery Foundry Dock







Theodoros Kolokotronis

Grants 1 Klepht + 2 Macemen.

Special Card: Archistrategos

Cartographer attack and hitpoints increased by 50%.

Alexander Ypsilantis

Grants 1 Stradiot + Crates of 100 Food.

Special Card: Society of Friends

Espionage techs are cheaper.

Lord Byron

Grants 2 Peasants.

Special Card: Philhellenism

Villager hitpoints greatly increased.

Ioannis Kapodistrias

Grants Crates of 500 Food.

Special Card: Patrinia Olive

Settlers gather Coin from Olive Plantations 20% faster.

Richard Church

Grants Cords of 400 Wood.

Special Card: Evzones

Klephts move faster.

Laskarina Bouboulina

Grants 2 Fishing Boats.

Special Card: Greek Fire

Marauder and Pyrpolikon damage increased.








Yannis Makriyannis

Grants 3 Chorofylakes.

Special Card: TEAM Socratic Method

Improvements are researched faster.

King Otto I

Grants 2 Stradiots + Dolman upgrade.

Special Card: Bavarocracy

All your Food is exchanged for a greater amount of Coin.

Ioannis Kolettis

Ages up really fast.

Special Card: Megali Idea

Each Olive Plantation spawns a Huge Chest of 500 Coin.

Alexandros Mavrokordatos

Grants Scarecrows and Domestic Cats improvements.

Special Card: TEAM Ecclesia

Aging up is done faster.

Kitsos Tzavelas

Grants 1 Mule Artillery.

Special Card: Exodus of Missolonghi

Klephts get a bonus against artillery.

Constantine Kanaris

Grants 2 Pyrpolikons.

Special Card: Battle of Navarino

Pyrpolikons move faster.








Ricciotti Garibaldi

Grants Border Guards upgrade.

Special Card: Garibaldi's Phalanx

Sends 7 Redshirts.

Pavlos Melas

Grants 2 Stradiots + 2 Spies.

Special Card: Macedonian Struggle

Klephts can go stealthy.

King George I

Grants Crates of 500 Food and Chests of 500 Coin.

Special Card: Olympic Games

Buildings are built faster and all units have more hitpoints.

Charilaos Trikoupis

Grants Crates of 1,000 Coin.

Special Card: Dedilomeni Principle

For the rest of the game, Town Centers will provide a trickle of Experience.

Konstantinos Smolenskis

Grants 4 Mule Artillery.

Special Card: TEAM Pythagorean Theorem

Artillery range and line of sight increased.

Timoleon Vassos

Grants 4 Pyrpolikons + 4 Chorofylakes.

Special Card: Cretan Gendarmerie

All your Macemen transforms into Chorofylakes.








Nikolaos Plastiras

Grants 15 Klephts.

Special Card: Trial of the Six

Mercenaries are cheaper.

King Constantine I

Grants 5 Stradiots + 5 Boyars.

Special Card: National Schism

Klepht attack and hitpoints increased.

Nikolaos Zorbas

Grants Cords of 2,000 Wood.

Special Card: Goudi Coup

Each Casern spawn 3 Klephts.

Eleftherios Venizelos

Grants 5 Peasants + Crates of 1,000 Food.

Special Card: Triumvirate

Sends 2 additional Cartographers.

Panagiotis Danglis

Grants 2 Schneider Guns + 2 Mule Artillery.

Special Card: Schneider Danglis Gun

Schneider Gun attack and hitpoints increased.

Pavlos Kountouriotis

Grants 1 Monitor + Crates of 500 Coin.

Special Card: Aegean Liberation

Ships get much more line of sight.


Age of Empires III Wars of Liberty - Online game Greeks-Serbians Vs Inca-Belgians-0

Age of Empires III Wars of Liberty - Online game Greeks-Serbians Vs Inca-Belgians-0

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