The Insurgente is a light infantry unit that is very effective at destroying buildings. It is unique to the Mexicans.

Overview Edit

With high hp, strong resistance and good siege damage, this type of infantry will quickly demolish buildings.

They are cheap, easily spammable and even have a dedicated card in the Mexican home city that can be sent infinite times (Age IV) 'Team 6 Insurgentes'.

Another card 'Sombrero' gives them the ability to slowly regenerate hp.

In large numbers they are able to tank a lot of damage.

Upgrades Edit

Brave Insurgentes:

Hit Points: 295

Ranged Attack: 23

Siege Attack: 35

Hand Attack: 11

Cost: 200 Wood and 200 Coin

Guardia Rurales:

Hit Points: 385

Ranged Attack: 30

Siege Attack: 46

Hand Attack: 15

Cost: 1000 Wood and 1000 Coin

Presidential Rurales:

Hit Points: 497

Ranged Attack: 39

Siege Attack: 59

Hand Attack: 19

Cost: 1500 Wood and 1500 Coin