The Koreans are one civilization featured in Wars of Liberty, released with the Belgians in the Missing Pieces Patch (1.0.11), in December of 2018. 

The Koreans in-game are based in the XIX century Korean Empire, proclaimed in 1897 and succeeding the Joseon Dinasty. The Korean Empire was the last independent state which ruled in all of the peninsula, under Empress Myeongseong.

Overview Edit

Bonuses Edit

  • Garrisoning Military. The Koreans can garrison their military units inside most buildings.
  • Powerful Navy. The Korean Navy gets stronger the more military buildings the enemy team have.
  • Strong Buildings. Koreans Buildings regenerate over time.

Unique units and buildings Edit

Most Korean units are made to fight from range:

  • Jeobju: Korean Mounted Donghak Monk. Can boost his attack through the 7 saint spears ability. Can stun treasure guardians and collect treasures. If knocked down can be revived by a nearby unit. A new Jeobju can be trained in the Town Center for 300 gold.

Barracks Edit

  • Byeolgigun: Ranged gunpowder infantry. Good against cavalry, particularly at range.
  • Myeong Gung: Korean archer highly resistant to ranged attacks. Good against heavy infantry and light cavalry.
  • Dangpa Spearman: Archaic heavy infantry. Good against cavalry and buildings.
  • Fire Lance: Korean infantry that fires rockets to defeat heavy infantry.

Stable Edit

  • Gungdo Cavalry: Korean horse archer. Good against cavalry and artillery.
  • Iron Flail: Korean heavy cavalry. Good against infantry and artillery.

Castle Edit

  • Chongtong: Korean cannon, good against artillery and buildings.
  • Hwacha: Korean artillery unit. Good against infantry, has considerable range.
  • Fire Cattle: Korean suicide unit. Good against buildings, but is destroyed after its attack.

Dock Edit



Korean gameplay by Master of Roflness (in English)

Korean gameplay by Master of Roflness (in English)

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