No state religion.

Allows late-game scientific research and a cheaper healer, the Physician, who is unable to condemn.


Name Cost Description
RELIGIONatheism01 Secret Society 200 Resource gold Physicians cost half the price, and get twice the hitpoints.
RELIGIONatheism02 Telescope 400 Resource wood Town Center line of sight greatly increased.
RELIGIONatheism03 Laws of Physics 250 Resource wood, 250 Resource gold Artillery units get +4 range.
RELIGIONatheism04 Genetics 200 Resource food Villagers gather Food from Mills, Farms, Rice Paddies and berries and Coin from Plantations faster.
RELIGIONatheism05 Theory of Evolution 250 Resource food Economic units get 50% more hitpoints.
RELIGIONatheism06 Freedom of Thought 600 Resource food, 600 Resource gold Aging up is done 50% faster.