Christian religion based on eastern traditions.

Hegumens spawn automatically.


Name Cost Description
RELIGIONorthodox01 Theosis 300 Resource fame Hegumen get 100% more hitpoints.
RELIGIONorthodox02 Celibacy 250 Resource gold, 250 Resource fame Hegumen are spawn faster.
RELIGIONorthodox03 Schism 400 Resource food, 2000 Resource fame All units damage enemy priests much more efficiently.
RELIGIONorthodox04 Iconostasis 1000 Resource fame You get approximately 100 Coin in chests for every 3 minutes of game length, up to 30 minutes.
RELIGIONorthodox05 Ecumenical Patriarchy 600 Resource food, 2000 Resource fame Hegumen speed greatly increased.
RELIGIONorthodox06 Seven Sacred Mysteries 2000 Resource food, 2000 Resource fame Hegumen get the ultimate holyness: condemn is 50% faster.