Overview Edit

Bonuses Edit

  • Extra Town Centers. On every age up, you’ll receive an extra Town Center, greatly increasing the number of villagers you can train and your map control.
  • Sea dominance. On water maps, you’ll get a Caravel on every age-up. Also, your docks bring a Fishing ship with them.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Slow build-up. They can really grow, but they need time and are quite fragile while on it.
  • Sea is important. If you don't have access to sea, you might struggle when playing as the Portuguese. Also, while you are good at sea, you are not particularly good at fighting on it, so losing it might be your end.

Unique units and buildings Edit

The Portuguese favor long range combat and prefer to fight from behind walls.

  • Cassador: A strong skirmisher with less hitpoints than normal.
  • Atirador: Portuguese ultimate unit. An extra powerful skirmisher unit.
  • Ordenanza: A resistant and spammable Heavy Infantry unit. Good against cavalry and buildings.
  • Organ Gun: Artillery unit good against Infantry.
  • Caravel: Light ship with huge line-of-sight.
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