New roster of maps in WolEdit

Wol brings with it new maps. These maps include those on continants previsously a part of aoe3, as well as new regions such as europe, the middle east, the pacific islands, and africa. The maps are unique and have features unseen in maps before it.

New mapsEdit

Map name Region Special features
Panama North America start with two outpost/blockhouse's
Acre Latin America Gather gold from rubber trees
Australia Oceania Chinese mining settlement/cameleers
Congo Africa Fog of War resets every few minutes
Baja North America penninsula shaped map with barrier dividing it in half
Barrier ridge North America each half of map is divided by montains and one small passage
Alaska North America gather gold from hunting foxes
River Nile Africa utilize the first ever water trade route
Toscana Europe Gather food from grape vineyards
Atacama Latin America small desert map, gather gold from salt mines
Maraojo Latin America There is always a knights of the croos settlement island off shore